CSR Strategy

Tawuniya has unique experiences in the area of social responsibility, most notably is the cooperation with Prince Fahad Bin Salman Charity Association for Renal Failure Patients Care (Kelana) since 2006.

However, the year 2017 is a quantum leap for the Tawuniya Social Responsibility program. The Board of Directors adopted the CSR strategy that is focusing on four main areas of interest:

  • Health
  • Safety
  • Productivity
  • Environmental

Based on the CSR strategy, the policies and procedures were issued with a view to developing strategic objectives and planning social responsibility programs. The P&P identified the mechanism for selecting and implementing CSR related activities and initiatives. These policies also defined the tasks that must be carried out within the framework of the social responsibility of Tawuniya, as well as establishing the implementation process of these tasks in a way that provide the best serves to the community.

In light of the adopted strategy and policies, Tawuniya’s social responsibility committee was formed from the following members:

  • The CEO
  • SVP- Sales & Marketing
  • SVP- General Insurance
  • VP- Motor
  • GM- Marketing & Communications
  • Head- Corporate Communication

Changing CSR Methodology

Tawuniya has developed a precise mechanism to evaluate social responsibility programs, which resulted in a comprehensive change in the company's methodology for selecting programs and activating them in coordination with social institutions. Through the new mechanism, Tawuniya added an economic dimension to these programs, enabling the support of specific economic sectors that play a major role in the national economic development and achieve the vision of Saudi Arabia, such as the Small and Medium Enterprises sector.

The objectives and the selection of initiatives are planned in the light of the adopted social responsibility strategy, which is undergoing a qualitative leap in 2018 and the coming years.