Our Strategy Overview 

In order to lead changes in the Saudi insurance market and to keep pace with the development of the business sectors in line with the Saudi vision 2030, Tawuniya has developed its strategy to maintain its strong position and exploit the promising opportunities offered in the market.

Tawuniya’s strategy also enables the Saudi society to progress safely towards the future by creating insurance solutions to protect all customer segments including individuals, small and medium enterprises, and corporate & key accounts.

The strategy takes into account Tawuniya’s capabilities and the human capital it possesses, through which it has managed to remain at the forefront of the Saudi insurance market for many years.

Tawuniya has set its vision and mission to keep pace with the aspirations in the coming period based on strategic pillars that increase the customer centricity and to innovate all the insurance products and services that protect the customer career and achieve his goals.

Our Vision

“Sustain momentum for our society’s safety and continuous progress towards the future”.

Our Mission

“Be the companion that presents innovative and customer centric insurance solutions, so our customers feel secure, empowered and ready for the future”.

The projects we achieved in line with this strategy, especially digital transformation projects, allow us to grow, achieve our objectives, enhance the Tawuniya competitive position and move the company to a new era of its pioneering journey.