Our Strategy Overview

Tawuniya launched its 2025 Strategy to keep pace with the fundamental changes in the market affecting locally and globally, and to contribute more in supporting the national economy and serving the Saudi society at large, where the entire world is witnessing today rapid and pivotal changes in the business sector and all areas of life. In addition, the needs and expectations of customers and requirements have varied as well the society and its perceptions, and the introduction of modern technologies to the labor market that made it more competitive and dynamic, and raised the limit of expectations and increased the challenges size.

Through its ambitious strategy, Tawuniya looks forward to new horizons that define unique features for the insurance sector in the Kingdom, and aspires to be the largest insurance company in the Middle East and North Africa region, through excellence in business, services and product innovation to excel in serving its valued customers, and progress in supporting the passion of its employees and achieving market leadership, providing digital solutions that stimulate the insurance sector, and expanding in the region to achieve sustainable financial results

In the light of the strategy, Tawuniya has set its purpose, vision, mission, and promises as follows: 

Our Purpose

“Together for a safer life and bigger dreams.” 

Our Vision

“Largest insurer in the MENA region.”

Our Mission

“Exceed expectations through superior customer experience and service excellence.”

Our Promises 

  1. Passionate about our people
  2. Customer centric
  3. Digital-first
  4. Extraordinary results.

Tawuniya has structured multiple programs to support delivering its key promises, achieve success and transfer its ambitious strategy into reality.