Our strategy

Tawuniya strategies proceed from our mission that states “To be the professional insurer of choice by delivering world-class solutions for the protection of economic and humanistic interests”. Tawuniya puts in mind the development of its overall strategy on an ongoing basis so that it is an accurate assessment of the internal and external factors to meet the emerging changes in the insurance market.

The company has taken into account the evolution of regulatory environment and risk scenarios activity and ways to reduce them. It is working on development and innovation continuously to consolidate its leadership position in the Saudi insurance market that is rapidly growing.

In order to achieve the strategic objectives, Tawuniya invests in the development and improvement of information technology and human resources to create added values. This is done by aligning all departments of the company around a clear strategic agenda, and by focusing on a specific set of initiatives and strategic priorities. State-of-art help Tawuniya’s management to navigate towards the strategic goals while reducing risks and meeting different customer needs.