Adopting the CSR Strategy

The Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy (CSR) of Tawuniya was developed based on the following four pillars:

  • Health
  • Safety
  • Productivity
  • Environmental

In line with this strategy, Tawuniya has developed a precise mechanism to evaluate social responsibility programs, which resulted in a comprehensive change in the company's methodology for selecting programs and activating them in coordination with social institutions. Through the new mechanism, Tawuniya added an economic dimension to these programs, enabling the support of specific economic sectors that play a major role in the national economic development and achieve the vision of Saudi Arabia, such as the Small and Medium Enterprise sector, in addition to the other activities. The objectives and the selection of initiatives planned in the light of the adopted social responsibility strategy, which is undergoing a quantum leap in the coming years.

Social Responsibility and the Coronavirus Pandemic

The social responsibility programs and initiatives implemented by Tawuniya during the year 2020 focused on providing full support to the national efforts to combat the emerging COVID-19 and helping the Saudi society to overcome this pandemic.

Tawuniya has implemented the following initiatives:

1-Supporting the efforts of the Ministry of Health with an amount of 25 million riyals, which is the largest contribution in the Saudi insurance sector. Tawuniya used this amount to implement several initiatives in coordination with the Ministry of Health. 2-Designing and establishing 21 fixed and mobile drive thru centers "Taakad" to examine corona virus from vehicles, in accordance with international best practices and in line with the standards approved by the Ministry of Health. 3-Supporting the Ministry of Health call center (937) with the participation of 163 of company doctors and officials to spread awareness of the symptoms of Coronavirus, take preventive measures, and respond to inquiries from all over the Kingdom.

Our social responsibility activities in 2021

During the year 2021, Tawuniya continued its financial support to help the Saudi society to overcome the social and financial difficult conditions imposed by the Corona pandemic. In this context, Tawuniya provided a donation of one million riyals to charitable works through the ‘Ihsan’ platform. Thus, Tawuniya sets an amazing example in supporting its community with the highest level of social responsibility, as the company had submitted a contribution to support the efforts of the Ministry of Health to combat the Corona pandemic in 2020 amounting to SR 25 million. Tawuniya also interacted with international days and presented many campaigns, activities, and messages to raise the community awareness. The most prominent of these campaigns are Health Day, Mother's Day, Happiness Day and many others. During the blessed month of Ramadan 1442 AH corresponding to 2021, the company launched its distinctive initiative "Neighbor to the Neighbor" by distributing gift boxes to citizens in three main regions: central region, eastern region and western region, which embodies the spirit of friendliness and cooperation between the Tawuniya's employees and the community.