Adopting the CSR Strategy

The Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy (CSR) of Tawuniya was developed based on the following four pillars:

  • Health
  • Safety
  • Productivity
  • Environmental

In line with this strategy, Tawuniya has developed a precise mechanism to evaluate social responsibility programs, which resulted in a comprehensive change in the company's methodology for selecting programs and activating them in coordination with social institutions. Through the new mechanism, Tawuniya added an economic dimension to these programs, enabling the support of specific economic sectors that play a major role in the national economic development and achieve the vision of Saudi Arabia, such as the Small and Medium Enterprise sector, in addition to the other activities. The objectives and the selection of initiatives planned in the light of the adopted social responsibility strategy, which is undergoing a quantum leap in the coming years.

CSR Activities

The Company has launched awareness campaigns focused on health and safety for specific categories, such as the campaign to raise awareness of pilgrims, and awareness campaign on diabetes and breast cancer in interaction with the World Health Days. In addition, the Company has organized a campaign to raise awareness on savings for developing personal investments, safe women car driving rules as well as self-development courses for the Company employees. The Company also organized a leisure trip for the members of the Charity Committee for Orphans Care (Ensan).

Tawuniya has continued to support the Prince Fahad Bin Salman Charity Association for Renal Failure Patients Care (Kellana), which started in 2006 through the free administration of dialysis program.

Voluntary Participation

Tawuniya’s Social Responsibility vision has supported the voluntary participation of The Company employees. In this framework, the Company organized a number of donation campaigns, including blood donation in cooperation with King Faisal Specialist Hospital in Riyadh, donation of Ramadan Basket to needy families and donation of sacrifice inside and outside the Kingdom as well as winter clothing donation.

CSR Creative Initiative in 2019

The year 2019 witnessed the implementation of a number of innovative social responsibility initiatives, most notably the activation of the "Safe Houses" initiative, which aims to renovate 15 houses for the needy families in the Central, Eastern and Western regions and help them to coexist with the community. The repair works include house painting, maintenance of electrical wiring, plumbing, cleaning and other maintenance, as well as the provision of electrical appliances, furniture and safety equipment.

“Tawuniya Al-Khair” The Tawuniya CSR Program provides a full budget for the renovation, processing and mattresses, while the employees and their friends will support in accomplishing these tasks to the fullest. The “Safe Houses” initiative has contributed to a comprehensive change in the lifestyle of the target families, and has a profound impact on their coexistence with the community and the consolidation of their positive outlook for the future. Unforgettable moments experienced by the Tawuniya volunteer team with the families when they delivered their houses after the restoration, and the tears mixed with joy, after sensing the value of the life provided by Tawuniya and extends with them for years.