Social Responsibility

Tawuniya launches innovative, social and philanthropic initiatives based on its own philosophy of supporting social responsibilities. This is focused on adapting our technical expertise, characterized by social services work through several efforts, such as funding local causes through donations. Other company activities in social responsibilities are varied to include support for specific categories of community members in assisting them in identifying and solving problems, as well as to raise awareness within the community concerning health and environment. In addition to, providing support for training community services programs, and participating in charitable social works and national campaigns to support people around the globe, in accordance with the Kingdom’s policies.

In this context, Tawuniya has introduced a number of activities within the realm of social responsibilities. For example, since 2006, Tawuniya has participated in the launch of a cooperative initiative with Prince Fahad Bin Salman Charity Association for Renal Failure Patients Care (Kelana).