Adopting the CSR Strategy

The Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy (CSR) of Tawuniya was developed based on the following four pillars:

  • Health
  • Safety
  • Productivity
  • Environmental

In line with this strategy, Tawuniya has developed a precise mechanism to evaluate social responsibility programs, which resulted in a comprehensive change in the company's methodology for selecting programs and activating them in coordination with social institutions. The CSR objectives, initiatives and activities are planned in the light of the adopted social responsibility strategy.


Social Contributions in 2021

  • Tawuniya continued to provide full support and insurance protection to the 21 "Taakad” centers for Covid-19 drive-through tests in the various regions of the Kingdom, with the aim of strengthening national efforts to combat coronavirus (Covid-19), and the Company also organized several campaigns to raise awareness of the importance of vaccination against this virus.
  • Based on our belief in the values of our society and embodying our active social role, Tawuniya has participated in the national campaign for charitable work and donated one million Saudi riyals through the "Ehsan" platform.
  • The Company launched the "Aljar Lil Jar" initiative through our social responsibility program (Tawuniyat Al-Kheir) where we shared the joy of Ramadan with our neighbors in Riyadh, Khobar and Jeddah.
  • On the occasion of the International Children's Cancer Day, Tawuniya implemented the "We achieved their wishes" initiative in its second chapter for the children of King Abdullah Specialist Hospital in Riyadh in cooperation with the National Center for Social Responsibility to support their fight against cancer.
  • Tawuniya cooperated with the "Naqa" Association to implement several activities to raise awareness of the harms of tobacco and help those wishing to quit smoking, on the occasion of the World No Tobacco Day.
  • Tawuniya interacted with international days and health awareness months to improve the health of different groups of Saudi society by implementing a number of campaigns and events, most notably the activities of the International Breast Cancer Month, the International Day for Persons with Special Needs, the World Heart Day, and the World Diabetes Day.
  • Under the slogan "We can take a selfie" and on the occasion of the International Prostate Cancer Month, the Tawuniya organized several events to raise awareness of men's health in Riyadh, Jeddah and Dammam.
  • The Company carried out several activities during the National Day celebrations to spread awareness of the Kingdom's civilization, culture and its tourist and heritage areas by organizing a series of competitions and recreational trips to the National Museum and the city of Al-Ula.