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1.5 million persons live with disability in Saudi Arabia

By | ربيع الثاني 25, 1443 | Nov 30, 2021

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Definition of disability:

Any physical or mental condition (impairment) that makes it more difficult for the person with the condition to undertake tasks (activity limitation) and interact with the environment around them is referred to as a disability (participation restrictions).

How can we support a person who has disability?

  • Provide daily care for the person, such as personal hygiene, eating, etc., while training him/her to do some of the basics if possible.
  • Providing innovative resources for the person to carry out his daily needs easily and safely without being injured.
  • Paying attention to safety and security in the environment surrounding the person, such as providing the place with corridors, especially to guide them and facilitate their movements. 
  • Paying attention to the social and psychological aspect.
  • Practicing outdoor activities and hobbies, and participating in some clubs, which contributes to improving the psychological and physical condition of people with disabilities.
  • Ensuring the participation of people with disabilities in the daily work and activities carried out by the family to strengthen self-confidence and increase skills.
  • Paying attention to the aspect of education and the development of the person's mental skills.
  • Paying attention to the balanced nutrition of people with disabilities; To prevent them from experiencing malnutrition problems such as anemia, thinness, excessive weight gain, or diseases due to immunodeficiency.



Provided support offered by Saudi Arabia for people with disability:

  • Granting people with a disability cards to reduce travel fares, which allows them to obtain a 50% reduction.
  • Providing prosthetic devices and audio-visual aids.
  • Providing all types of care, including treatment and medicines free of charge.
  • Establishing and supporting institutions and centers that provide care, rehabilitation, and education programs for persons with disabilities.
  • Disbursing financial subsidies to families who take care of a person with disabilities.

Fast facts about disability around the world:

  • There are more than a billion patients suffering from some form of disability and this represents 15% of the world's population.
  • The number of people with disabilities increases among those with low incomes.
  • Half of people with disabilities do not have access to quality medical care.
  • Some children with any kind of disability have difficulty enrolling in school, compared to healthy children, and therefore have fewer chances of getting a job.

Disability statistics in Saudi Arabia:

  • There are more than 1,445,723 people with some form of disability in the Kingdom
  • The percentage of males with disabilities is 52.2%
  • The percentage of females with disabilities is 47.8%
  • Number of hearing impairments 289,355
  • Number of movement disabilities 833,136
  • Number of visual impairments 811,610

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