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How to secure your properties with insurance?

By | ربيع الثاني 25, 1443 | Nov 30, 2021

Homes and properties can be the greatest assets one owns. Protecting these assets is also a crucial part of having them. However, that is not always an easy task. You may install security measures and take all necessary precautions, but some risks cannot be avoided.


A property insurance policy helps homeowners or tenants receive compensation in the event of theft, some natural disasters, and accidents. 


All properties are vulnerable to natural disasters and burglaries, regardless of the property's size, location, or added security features. Without insurance, it may be difficult or impossible for many to be able to do any damage repair following accidents or natural disasters.


Insurance offers you the necessary financial protection against these risks. In many countries, these insurance plans are obligatory when renting a house. Insurance coverage against accidents will spare you any financial losses you may incur from accidents or some natural disasters that may partially or fully damage your property. These plans can also provide coverage for the property's contents. Contents insurance usually covers everything within your homes, such as laptops, electronics, furniture, and jewelry. When choosing your insurance plan, you may demand additional coverage for any luxurious or rare items you own.


Liability coverage is also a type of property insurance. Basically, liability insurance covers legal and medical costs resulting from injuries and damages to other people and property.


An insurance plan allows you to transfer potential losses to the insurance company. It's best to choose an insurance policy that provides maximum coverage while having an affordable premium. Understanding the different policies offered by the company and selecting the one that best suits your needs is the first step in financial stability. 


With over 60 different types of insurance plan, Tawuniya insurance is one of the leading insurance companies in the Middle East and North Africa region. Throughout 37 years, it has offered competitive plans that cover and protect properties and individuals. Tawuniya provides the best property and home insurance policies through plans that cover residential properties and their contents against earthquakes and storms, fire and explosion losses, and theft. Another property insurance plan offered by Tawuniya is the shop owners' insurance, which covers damage and losses caused by theft, fires, and earthquakes, to name a few. 


Tawuniya also guarantees that its policies comply with the Islamic Sharia laws. Tawuniya has contracted with the Shariyah Review Bureau, which specializes in auditing, auditing, and forensic auditing, to ensure all its operations comply with the Islamic Sharia law principles.


Tawuniya strives to exceed customer expectations as part of its vision to become the largest insurer in the Middle East and North Africa region. Being a pioneer in the insurance sector, Tawuniya has successfully enhanced its quality of services to become the number one choice for individuals and corporates for all insurance policies. Its robust portfolio features clients from reputable companies in various economic and governmental sectors, setting Tawuniya apart from other insurance companies.


The Saudi-based Tawuniya insurance focuses primarily on its clients. It settles over 10 million claims annually through incomparable services offered 24 hours a day, seven days a week by its centers and offices across the region. E-services are also provided through the Tawuniya website and smartphone application, allowing clients to manage their portfolio, follow up on claims, renew policies and pay premiums online. This reflects Tawuniya's vision for smart insurance and provides an advanced environment led by experts who constantly prioritize the customer.



Insurance for your property and home is essential for a risk-free life. It is crucial to choose a company that will identify and address all your needs and demands. Tawuniya provides you with the peace of mind you need to live your life, travel, and work without worries through efficient and simple procedures that you can make anytime and anywhere.


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