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What Food Make you Happy?

By | شعبان 18, 1443 | Mar 21, 2022

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The United Nations has designated an International Day for the Celebration of Happiness, which was decided to be on March 20 of each year, and this day was specifically chosen because it coincides with the vernal equinox, a global phenomenon that occurs at the same time around the world, making people feel the same.

Although happiness is often an interior feeling of ease, satisfaction, vitality, and activity that fills your heart and spirit, certain meals can induce a happy feeling because they contain mood-altering substances. The following are some examples:

Dark Chocolate:
it contains caffeine, which is a powerful nervous system stimulant. 

It contains fats that improve the overall mood and stimulate the brain

They contain lycopene, which is an antioxidant that protects the brain. it is recommended to take it with olive oil, which helps absorb lycopene more effectively, and is considered an appropriate treatment for fighting depression and adjusting the mood.

It contains calcium, potassium, magnesium, vitamin B12 and vitamin B6. It also helps release signals of happiness responsible hormones to the brain.

It contains many mood-enhancing substances, such as vitamin B, and it contains folic acid, which helps in improving the overall mood

Contains folic acid, which reduces stress, fights depression, and stimulate overall happiness.

It contains chromium, which affects the hormone serotonin in a positive way, and is known as the "happy" chemical because it enhances mood and relieves fear and bewilderment.

It is a wonderful mood-altering food because it includes tryptophan, which converts to the happy hormone. It is also high in potassium.

It is a source of vitamin B, which is required for memory and mood regulation, because it includes betaine. It is said to be one of the foods that can help with depression.

Other things that bring you joy may include:

Spirituality & connecting with Allah:
 by sensing His love, obeying, and following His commands, and staying away from His prohibitions.

 Being around family and loved ones is one of the secrets of happiness.

 to be satisfied, content, and appreciative of everything you have. And always looking at the glass half full

We should treat ourselves as we would treat the most valuable thing that we possess. 

 Giving people love in all its forms without expecting anything in return, which leads to their happiness.

practicing gratitude gives us the feeling of pleasure and satisfaction.

by avoiding anxiety, enhancing feelings of self-confidence and optimism, and thinking in a positive way.

Health and wellness:
 One of the main reasons that support our overall wellbeing and sanity

Security and safety:
 When we feel safe, stable, and relaxed, we have nothing to worry about, and our mind becomes free of distractions.

Financial Stability:
 When we have the financial stability and security, we tend to be less anxious and happier. 

A Piece of Advice:
Make happiness a habit of yours.

We must understand that happiness is not a goal in and of itself, but rather the result of our actions, and that it is found in being yourself, making your own decisions, and savoring all of life's moments, all of which have a profound good impact on oneself.




The effect of happiness on an individual:

• Maintains human physical, mental and nervous health.

• Reduces high blood pressure and helps in stimulating blood circulation.

• Improving the performance of body systems such as the heart and brain.

• It maintains a balanced heartbeat.

• It creates peace and tranquility in the human mind.

The impact of happiness on society:

• It pushes the individual to work in the most difficult situations, and this affects his surroundings, relationship with others, and makes them feel social solidarity.

• Improving the productivity of work, and then presenting it to the community in a spirit full of happiness.

• Increases the ability to face problems and difficulties of life.











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