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26th February 2018

Tawuniya concludes training program for emerging leaders

Mohammed Al Houti HR GMThe Company for Cooperative Insurance “Tawuniya” concluded its training program for the emerging leaders of the company.

The 4-month-long program included a number of scientific modules, training courses and workshops designed to enhance the skills of Tawuniya staff’s and prepare them to take on leadership roles.

On this occasion, Tawuniya’s human resources general manager Mohammed Al Houti said, “The training program, which was provided by BAE systems Saudi Arabia for development and training, aims to raise Tawuniya’s overall performance rates, improve levels of the customer service by developing employees’ management skills, preparing and qualifying the leaders of tomorrow.”

“The program is designed in accordance to the latest training methods in the insurance sector, focusing mainly on developing a number of critical skills, including understanding Tawuniya’s strategic directions and future plans, accomplishing tasks effectively to achieve strategic objectives, as well as developing skills in management and leadership, communication, decision-making, teamwork, problem solving, and project management,” he added.

Al-Houti explained that the training program for emerging leaders is part of a comprehensive training plan implemented by Tawuniya to develop employees’ skills and support raising Saudization rates – currently at 80% within the platinum range.
Al Houti confirmed that Tawuniya’s position as the leading insurance company considers competency development to be one of its top priorities. With over 30 years of experience, Tawuniya carries out several recruitment programs to attract talented Saudis and creates carefully-designed training programs to raise the level of employees’ performance.