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14th January 2018

Tawuniya organizes celebration for the elderly

الرياض: 14/1/2017The Company for Cooperative Insurance “Tawuniya” organized a celebration for the elderly in appreciation of the lifetime spent supporting their families and serving the Kingdom. The event was held in Riyadh at the Social Welfare House of the Ministry of Social Affairs.

The elderly interacted with the various activities and expressed their delight in this gesture which shows the Saudi society’s loyalty toward its sons who have contributed so much to their betterment of their homeland.

At the same time, the Ministry of the Social Affairs’ officials expressed its appreciation of Tawuniya’s efforts for organizing this celebration. The event also included Tawuniya’s Health Zone program which provided various healthcare services for the elderly, such as biometrics, general medical checks, health and food consultations and tips for a healthier lifestyle.

On this occasion, Tawuniya’s Head of Corporate Communications Ahmed Al-Ghamdi thanked the Ministry of Social Affairs for its cooperation in activating and supporting the private sector’s initiatives to serve the elderly people and provide them with necessary services which positively impact their physical and mental health.

Al-Ghamdi said that Tawuniya aims to enhance its social responsibility programs which are underscored by three basic pillars to serve society: health, growth and achievement, culture and society.

“These kinds of programs which serve the various segments of society is at the very top of our priorities, especially those that need support such as the elderly, medical patients, people with special needs, and orphans,” he added.

Al-Ghamdi revealed that the Tawuniya prepared a comprehensive social responsibility program in 2018 to launch its new strategy which was recently approved by Tawuniya’s Board of Directors in 2017.

He also confirmed that Tawuniya’s programs are not limited to charitable activities, but extend to impact certain economic sectors which have high potential for growth opportunities, as well as attracting Saudi entrepreneurs and encouraging them to start their own business, all of which supports long-term sustainable development for the Kingdom in line with Vision 2030.