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25th June 2019

Tawuniya Wins Best Insurance Company Offering E-Services 2019


The Company for Cooperative Insurance Tawuniya has been awarded as the “Best Insurance Company Offering Electronic Services” in Saudi Arabia for the year 2019, presented annually by Global Banking and Finance Review.


The award was granted to Tawuniya after it met the criteria, set by the committee with standards including the quality of electronic services, the development of its communication and technical systems and the enhanced customer experience.



This came as a result of Tawuniya’s continuous development of its information infrastructure within the strategic vision of the digital transformation and the upgrade of systems and applications, as Tawuniya is regarded the pioneering smart insurance company in the Kingdom and the first company to develop a specialized system for insurance over 25 years ago.


Further, Tawuniya has succeeded in raising the level of cybersecurity and consistently developed electronic services to meet the expectations of its customers, in addition to its pioneering role in the establishment of the first electronic store in the Kingdom, specialized in selling insurance products, such as Motor Inurance Programs, International Travel Insurance and Medical Malpractice Insurance for retail customers.


Majed Al-Bahiti, VP of Marketing and Communication at Tawuniya, said: “This award is an addition to the many awards and classifications Tawuniya earned. As well as a recognition of the company's efforts in line with the complete transformation of all operations and insurance services using modern IT and communication systems, which enable the provision of services to customers at any time, from anywhere and using all devices”.


Al-Bahiti added: “This award is also a validation of the success of our strategic vision to keep up with the developments in the market and support society, economic and regulatory environment through the support of digital transformation and innovation. We are constantly developing products and services, and establishing modern channels that allow the use of advanced information and communication technologies to sell insurance products, improve services and upgrade technical capabilities and skills, and continue to empower Saudi talent to work in the insurance sector”.



In this context, Al-Bahiti clarified that Tawuniya has developed many electronic services, such as loyalty programs, Dawaee chronic medication requests, roadside assistance for customers of Al Shamel, instantaneous letters of approval and medical approvals instantaneously. Also, medical expenses recovery, immediate issuance of quotations, claim and compensation services, updating personal data and electronic sales services for individuals. In addition to, electronic services dedicated to small and medium enterprises (SMEs), as part of our unique 360 SME product offering, enabling SME owners to take control of their services and providing them with the right insurance for their industry.



Tawuniya was also recently granted the ISO 27001 international certificate for electronic information security. It is the first insurance company in the Kingdom to be awarded the certificate after demonstrating its compatibility with international electronic information security system standards.