Your Child Vaccinations at home

Don’t worry about you child vaccines, protecting your child is part of our responsibility, and a trust we are proud to carry with you. Vaccination is important for your child for sure, but visiting the hospital to get it might expose them to the risks of coronavirus. If it is time for your child’s vaccination, do not worry. We’ll serve them in your home, and provide them with needed vaccinations without having to leave the house.

Order the new home vaccination service for children from Tawuniya, and keep your child safe.

How can you get it?

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Terms to benefit from this service:

  • The service is for newborn to 7 year old children.
  • This service will be available during the COVID-19 curfew period.
  • The delivery of this service depends on availability of the required vaccine.
  • The appointment scheduling call will take four business days after you submit a request.

For more information:

If you have any questions about this service, please contact: 920019990

Request form of Child Home Vaccination Service