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What is the New Motor Flex Program?

It is a new program designed by Tawuniya, which provides compulsory insurance coverage (Third-Party Liability) in addition to 7 optional coverages from which you can choose what suits you at affordable prices.

Your motor insurance options are not limited anymore.

Create your coverage.


How Can I Create My Own Coverage?

First: There is mandatory basic coverage, which is the third-party coverage.

Basic coverage of the third party liability

Second: Start with the coverages that fit you. You can also choose all of them if you believe you need to, as each of us has his / her own needs. You can add one or more of the following covers:

Second: Optional Coverages



The maximum compensation


(1) Fire
This benefit compensates you for damages to the insured vehicle that result from fire or lightning.
100 SR
(2) Floods and Hail
This benefit compensates you against loss of or damage to the insured vehicle due to floods and hail caused by rain.
100 SR
(3) Glass break
This benefit covers the costs of replacing the damaged front windshield for the vehicle not caused by accidents.
100 SR
(4) Intentional harm from others
This benefit enables you to obtain compensation for damage to your vehicle resulting from intentional harm from others. The police traffic report should be provided.
100 SR
(5) Roadside assistance service
We provide you with the required assistance in case you have a problem while driving on the road throughout the GCC (it includes towing the car, operating the battery, repairing tires and refuelling).
No Limit
50 SR
(6) Theft
This benefit compensates you in the event your car is stolen provided that the vehicle is not left in the operating position, the keys are not left in it, or the windows and doors are not closed. The vehicle accessories and personal items are excluded.
100 SR
(7) Towing the vehicle
This benefit compensates you for the expenses of towing the insured vehicle from the accident site to a safe place or the nearest repair shop.
Via approved Towing agencies
25 SR
(8) Personal Accident – Driver OnlyNEW
It includes personal injuries to the driver only as a result of an accident in which the insured car is involved, as well as medical expenses resulting directly from the accident.
SR 100,000
60 Sar 
(9) Personal Accident – Driver and PassengersNEW
It includes personal injuries to the driver and passengers as a result of an accident in which the insured car is involved, as well as medical expenses resulting directly from the accident.
60 Sar/person 
(10) Hit and runNEW
This benefit compensates you for the losses due to hitting and escaping the accident scene. The police traffic report must be provided.
250 sar 

Third: Flexible bundles created for you:

On the road bundle

Neighborhood bundle

Crisis bundle

Hit & Run
Road Side Assistant
Hit & Run
Malicious Damage
Hail & Flood
300 SAR
300 SAR
200 SAR


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What makes Motor Flex unique compared to other products?

  • It is a new insurance program designed by Tawuniya for the first time in the kingdom.
  • It gives you the flexibility to combine your motor insurance policy.
  • It provides you with basic coverage and seven optional covers to choose all or any of them.
  • It combines the compulsory third-party cover with the cover of the insured car.
  • It provides a maximum compensation limit that exceeds SR 10 million.
  • The cost of optional coverages is limited to only 100 riyals for each.
sar 500


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