Things to do

  • Notice of claim
  • Minimize loss
  • Provide repair estimates
  • Upon approval from loss adjuster proceed with the repair / replace
  • Cooperate with adjuster
  • Send protest letter to TP if they are responsible for loss
  • N/A

  • Incident report
  • Police /Civil defence report
  • Photographs
  • Repair/Replacement quotations / invoices with proof of payment
  • Financial documents for substantiating business interruption
  • Experts report for cause of incident
  • FOA / Discharge
  • In addition to above, other documents to support claim will be asked on case to case basis.

Subsequent to provision of requested documents, LA issues report . Claim handler reviews and settle claim based on policy terms and conditions.

  1. Time for settlement: As per SAMA regulation 15 days for individuals and 45 days for corporate accounts after the submission of last document.
  2. Whether police / civil defence report required: Yes
  3. To claim: Contact claims department
  4. Photos required: Yes

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