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  • Engineering Insurance
    Insurance for machines
    Insurance for equipment

    Things to know before submitting the claim:
    the following steps should be followed:

  • Notice of claim.
  • Steps to minimize the loss.
  • estimates of repairs
  • Upon approval from the loss adjuster, proceed for repairing machine or ordering for replacement as the case may be.
  • N/A

    Documents required when submitting the claim.

  1. Internal incident report/Claim form
  2. Police report/ Civil defense( if applicable)
  3. Repair estimate.
  4. Actual bills of repair/replacement with proof of payment.
  5. Daily Log
  6. Original Invoice for the lost/damaged items.
  7. Purchase invoices for reinstated property.
  8. Other supporting documents.
  9. Where the cover involve Loss of profits or increased cost of Working - Copy of annual accounts and other financial information as deemed appropriate.

LA to submit their adjustment report based on the supporting documents submitted by the insured and claim is reviewed, processed and settled by Tawuniya based on the LA recommendation.

  1. What would be the settlement time of a claim?
    • As per SAMA regulation 15 days for individuals and 45 days for corporate upon submission of full documents.
  2. Whether police report or civil defense report is required?
    • Yes
  3. How can I make a claim?
    • Liaise with claims dept.
  4. Any witness or photos required in submitting the claim.
    • Yes/if possible

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