General & Public Liability

Public Liability

This insurance policy provides cover against legal liability of the insured to pay damages towards accidental death / disease / bodily injuries to third parties or loss / damage to the third party properties, arising out of the activities of the insured's business activities.
Defense costs and expenses are also covered.

Product Liability

Manufacturers, traders, sellers, of tangible products are always exposed to the risk of incurring legal liability to pay damages to consumers or third parties for bodily injuries / property damages caused due to faulty or defective products sold by them. Almost every product (especially products such as electrical goods, automobile, pharmacy products, edible items, food and beverages etc) is exposed to this risk.

Product liability insurance covers the legal liability of the insured to pay damages as above.
Defense costs and expenses are also covered.

We offer the above covers to any and all types of business activities ranging from construction companies to manufacturing units, shopping malls to auditoriums, stevedoring at sea ports to warehouse keeping etc.

    Documents required when submitting the claim.

  1. Notification of Loss by the claimant and the Insured.
  2. Statement of the Claim in detail including fines, if any.
  3. Police Report or court verdict.
    1. For third party bodily injury claims the following additional documents are required.

    2. Hospital report for injury claims or death certificate from health authorities.
    3. Proof of annual income of the person.
    4. Summons of the Court.

    In most case independent loss adjuster is appointed to assess/investigate the loss.
    LA to submit their adjustment report based on the supporting documents submitted by the insured and claim is reviewed, processed and settled by Tawuniya based on the LA recommendation.

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