Marine Products

  • Marine Cargo
  • Consequential Loss
  • Delay in Start Up
  • General Average and Salvage Charges
  • Contingency loss
  • Delay in start up
  • General Accidents
  • Marin Cargo


Points to consider/follow when submitting a claim.

  • Upon claim occurrence/discovery immediate notice should be made to the Insurers.
  • Loss mitigation as if uninsured
  • Immediate submission of supporting documents/information to speed claims progress
  • Sending immediate claim notice to third party carriers holding them liable to protect Insurers’ interest.
  • Disclosure of material fact/cooperation with the LA at the time of inspection.
  • Claim quantum/repairs estimate.
  • Preserving the damaged items for salvage disposal whilst the claim is being progressed.
  • To initiate immediate repairs/replacement parts upon approval from the LA/Insurers
  • To cooperate/assist in the salvage disposal


  • Internal incident report/Claim form
  • Marine Certificate
  • Shipments declarations
  • Shipping documents i.e. B/L, AWB, Truck Waybill, Commercial Invoice, Packing Delivery Note, Cert. of Origin.
  • Notice of claim to third party carriers along with their reply
  • Police report (wherever applicable)
  • Customs Shortage/Damage report (wherever applicable)
  • Repair estimate/quotation
  • Repairs/Replacement Invoice (wherever applicable)
  • GA Bond (for GA claim)
  • Load/Discharge Port report for liquid petrochemical shipments.
  • Photographs for damaged items

Claim quantum based on LA report as adjusted (i.e. inclusive of mark-up and net of salvage and deductible, wherever applicable) and supported by claim and other pertinent documents. Claim is to be reviewed by the Insurers and if in order settlement to proceed.

  1. Where and how can I make a claim?
    • Thru the concerned Claims Department.
  2. Whether Police Report or Civil Defence Report is required?
    • Yes (wherever applicable).
  3. Any proof or photos required in submitting the claim.
    • Yes (wherever applicable).
  4. How to know the claim progression/developments and/or update?
    • Thru the broker and/or thru the assigned claim branch.
  5. Claim Settlement Time Table
    • As per SAMA regulation 15 days for individuals and 45 days for corporate upon submission of the full/complete documents.

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