Things to do

  • Notice of claim
  • Appointment of surveyor
  • Minimize loss
  • Provide repair estimates
  • Upon approval from loss adjuster proceed with the repair / replace
  • Cooperate with adjuster


  • Incident report
  • Photographs
  • Repair/Replacement quotations / invoices with proof of payment
  • Surveyor report for amount of claim and apportion of liability
  • Claim adjustment if required.
  • In addition to above, other documents to support claim will be asked on case to case basis.

Subsequent to provision of requested documents, LA issues report. Claim handler reviews and settle claim based on policy terms and conditions.

  1. Time for settlement: As per SAMA regulation 15 days for individuals and 45 days for corporate accounts after the submission of last document.

Since we deal with Marine hull claims which are handled by major brokers and experienced clients, there are no frequently asked questions other than when the settlement will be made.
All MH claims are brought to us through the appropriate channel by the major brokers.

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