Money Insurance

This insurance policy provides cover against loss of cash, drafts, cheques, securities etc of your business establishment:

  1. whilst in transit (excluding postal sending) between pre-agreed destinations
  2. whilst on the insured’s premises specified in the schedule
  3. whilst in a residence of any principal or director or employee of the insured
  4. in bank night safes until removed by a bank official.

Documents required when submitting the claim.

  1. Copy of Notification to the police authorities and the copies of subsequent correspondence, if any.
  2. Police Report.
  3. Detailed statement of the Claim.
  4. Proof of Loss and other evidence (verified by statutory declaration, if required).

In most case independent loss adjuster is appointed to assess/investigate the loss.
LA to submit their adjustment report based on the supporting documents submitted by the insured and claim is reviewed, processed and settled by Tawuniya based on the LA recommendation.

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