In the event of an accident to the insured motor vehicle, the company will reimburse the Insured for the accidental damages sustained by the insured vehicle, third party's vehicle involved in the accident, his property and bodily injuries suffered or death in accordance with the terms and conditions of the insurance policy.

Compensation for Al-Shamel Insurance Clients

In the event of an accident to the insured motor vehicle which is used for private or commercial purposes, the company will reimburse you for the damages sustained by the vehicle by having it repaired by the approved workshops or agency pursuant to the terms and conditions of the motor policy in case of partial loss. However, in case of total loss, such as theft (the company will indemnify the in respect of the claim the insured sum or market value of the motor vehicle at time of occurrence in accordance with the terms and conditions of the insurance policy). While the maximum limit of compensation is up to SR 10,000 to the holders of "SANAD Plus Motor Insurance Policy".

Third Party's Compensation

If the motor vehicle insured under Al-Shamel Insurance Policy, SANAD or SANAD Plus Motor Insurance Policy, whether private or commercial, caused an accident leading to damage to another person's (third party) vehicle or any of his property, the company will pay the amount of compensation in cash either by check or bank transfer at the account of the third party. The maximum limit of the company liability under this Section in one accident is SR 10,000,000. The compensation also includes the value specified for bodily injuries or death as pronounced by a court verdict. The maximum limit of the company liability under this section shall not exceed SR 10,000,000 per one accident or in the aggregate in the policy year.

    Procedures to be adopted accident occurring

  1. In the event of an accident to the insured motor vehicle, you must immediately contact Najm Company on the number: 920000560 and follow their directions on how to handle the incident whether by the presence of their representative or the traffic police inspect the motor accident.
  2. The representative of Najm Company or Traffic Police will attend to inspect the traffic accident and prepare the relevant report on such accident.
  3. The client or third party exposed to damage from the accident will visit the Claims Services Center taking with him all supporting documents required to file a claim for indemnification for the damages incurred.
  4. The damages are estimated and the company determines whether the damage sustained by the motor vehicle is considered partial or total loss.
  5. If the damage is evaluated as a partial loss, the Company will issue a repair order to one of the approved workshops to repair the hit affected car if covered by Al-Shamel Insurance Policy, or will pay the compensation in cash to the third party or holders of SANAD Plus Policy.
  6. If the damage is considered total loss, the Company will pay the value of the motor vehicle to the client (in accordance with the terms and conditions of the insurance policy issued to the client) by bank transfer to the account of beneficiary.

    Claims Terms and Conditions

  1. The compensation against the motor accidents is effected in accordance with the terms, conditions and exclusions contained in the insurance policy and after completing the documents required. Any claim filed with incomplete supporting documents shall not be considered absolutely.
  2. If additional supporting documents are required, the client or third party will be informed.
  3. To provide the car price estimation from the approved workshops, traffic police or cars showrooms president (Sheikh Al-Ma'aredh).
  4. The motor accident report must be signed and stamped by the traffic police and / or Namj Company,. All fields should be filled in with the required data, along with determining the amount of compensation in writing.
  5. The payment of compensation will be effected in a maximum period of fifteen (15) days from the date of completing all the documents required. (Based on the terms of SAMA, payment is to be effected within 15 days).
  6. Any modification, erasure or deletion of data in the accident report renders it null and void unless it is stamped and signed by the issuing authority.
  7. The original copy of the Car Registration (Estimara) and its Ownership Deed should be provided for matching with the copies furnished.
  8. To fill in the accident notification form comprising a detailed explanation by the vehicle's driver on how the accident occurred.
  9. The affected vehicle must be brought to the nearest claims services office or determine its location for inspection and to take photographs (if possible).
  10. Receiving of the claim is not considered an acceptance to it, and the company will pay the compensation after verifying the integrity and correctness of accident procedures and their conformity with the terms and conditions of the insurance policy.
  11. Tawuniya transfers the compensation via a bank transfer to the client’s bank account.
  12. To make the transfer process more efficient, the client must provide us with his IBAN which contains 24 characters.
  13. In case of injuries and death, the original legal deed must be submitted.
  14. In case a request is submitted to transfer the amount of compensation on the account, you must attach a copy of the bank account Card indicating the number and signature of the final clearance in advance.
  15. If your car is exposed to theft, you have to call the police on 999 and attach a copy of the police report with the claim documents submitted.
  16. In the event the vehicle is exposed to sinking (due to floods), fire, you have to call the Civil Defense at: 998 and attach the Civil Defense Report with the claim supporting documents.

    Documentation in Support of a Claim

  1. The relevant claim form (available at Tawuniay).
  2. (The official report from the authority attending the occurrence or accident).
  3. Copy of the Driving License (Driving License of the driver at the time of occurrence).
  4. Copy of the Car Registration (Estimara).
  5. The Repair Permit Document.
  6. The estimates of repairing the vehicles of SANAD Plus or third party from the the approved workshops, Traffic Police or cars showrooms president (Sheikh Al-Ma'aredh).
  7. A legal court verdict on the injuries or death in case of bodily injuries or death cases.
  8. Estimates of insured vehicle repair for those covered by Al-Shamel Policy in case of conviction rate on the third party or the presence of responsibility ratio on the insured vehicle.

    Channels for submitting motor claims

  1. Claims Services Centers
  2. The Call Center tool Free Line: 920019990

    Claims Follow-up Procedures

  1. The Call Center tool Free Line: 920019990
  2. You will receive SMS at your mobile after log in Tawuniya website
  3. E-services through Tawuniya website
  4. Tawuniya application (Smart mobile phones)

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