Personal Accident (Group)

Tawuniya's personal accident policy provides financial compensation to the victim / his or her family against the death of / permanent or partial disability suffered by the insured due to injuries sustained through accidents during the policy period. (This was taken from personal accident individual)

Documents required in the event of an Accident: -

  • Medical documents (Doctor’s / Hospital’s Report indicating period of sickness, medicines / bills etc.
  • Doctor’s Certificate stating the nature of the injury and certifying percentage of disability.
  • Employer’s Certificate or the payroll indicating salary of the injured employee, wherever applicable.
  • Death Certificate from the competent authorities, if applicable.
  • Accident Report from the employer.

In most case independent loss adjuster is appointed to assess/investigate the loss.
LA to submit their adjustment report based on the supporting documents submitted by the insured and claim is reviewed, processed and settled by Tawuniya based on the LA recommendation.

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