Property Insurance

Things to know before submitting the claim:
the following steps should be followed:

  • Notice of claim with date of loss, specific location and nature of loss.
  • Follow the claims procedure and steps to minimize the loss.
  • Submit repair estimates or quotations
  • Appoint adjuster
  • Upon approval from the loss adjuster, proceed for repairing of damaged items based on repair quotations agreed by adjuster.

The more detail you can supply, the better; Claim form can be used to provide the specific information.

  1. insured's Internal incident report and Claim form
  2. Police report/ Civil defense
  3. Repair estimate or quotations.
  4. Photographs
  5. Final repair invoices of damaged property
  6. insured's final claim bill
  7. Other supporting documents, if and when required.

In most cases, independent loss adjuster is appointed to assess/investigate the loss.

LA to submit their proposed adjustment report based on the supporting documents submitted by the insured and claim is reviewed, processed and submit signed form of acceptance, claim discharge and subrogation form before settling the final net claim by Tawuniya and under the policy terms and conditions

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