What is My Home Insurance Claim?

Tawuniya pays magnanimous attention to property and casualty claim services due to the nature of risks covered and the complexity of losses. Thus, the P&C Claim Management Services Dept. is run by a team of experienced and qualified professionals and supported by an advanced information system to offer our clients with prompt and efficient claims services. This department provides quick and fair settlement of claims, delivers technical advice to the clients with regard to the claims and risk control that helps minimization of losses. Although the services of qualified independent Loss Adjusters and Surveyors are utilized their work quality is regularly monitored.

Things to know before you submit a claim:

The insured shall give the company immediate notice in writing, with full particulars:

  • Of the happening of any occurrence likely to give rise to a claim under the Policy and in the event of theft or attempt thereat immediate notice shall also be given to the police. The insured shall submit details/documents as maybe requested for by the company in support of the claim.

  • Of the receipt of notice of any claim and of the institution of any proceeding against the insured. Handling of Claims: the Insured shall not admit liability for nor agree to settle any claim without the written consent of the company, which shall be entitled to take over and conduct in the name of the insured the defense of any claim and to prosecute in the insured’s name for it’s benefit, any claim for indemnity or damage against any third party and shall have full discretion in the conduct of any negotiations and proceeding and the settlement of any claim. The Insured shall give to the Company such information and assistance as it may reasonably require.

How To Prove Your Claim

When submitting your claim ensure that you have the following documents:

  • Filling in the claim form

  • Report from the insured himself explaining the incident of the event

  • Report from the police when they are required to intervene (E.g. Fire, or Theft cases)

  • Fixing bills

  • Payment proof

  • Pictures

Claim procedure is done:

  • Through any Tawuniya’s channels

  • Free telephone

  • Branches

  • Regional offices

  • Through UHC Global

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