What is Shop Owners Claims?

Tawuniya pays magnanimous attention to property and casualty claim services due to the nature of risks covered and the complexity of losses. Thus, the P&C Claim Management Services Dept. is run by a team of experienced and qualified professionals and supported by an advanced information system to offer our clients with prompt and efficient claims services. This department provides quick and fair settlement of claims, delivers technical advice to the clients with regard to the claims and risk control that helps minimization of losses. Although the services of qualified independent Loss Adjusters and Surveyors are utilized their work quality is regularly monitored.

In the happening of any event which may rise to a claim under this policy (excluding section 9 - fidelity guarantee) the insured and/ or person calming to be indemnified shall:

  • Give immediate notice to the company with full particulars of the occurrence

  • Inform the police immediately of any malicious damage or of the theft or loss of any property including money

  • Forward to the company immediately on the receipt any letter, claim, writ, summons or process

  • Within 15 days of loss or damage or injury or accident or such further time that the company may allow, deliver to the company, at his own expense
  • A written claim together with such detailed particulars and proofs, certificates and other documents as may reasonable be required by the company

  • Details of any other insurances covering such injury, loss or damage

  • Carry out and permit to be taken any action which may be reasonably practical to prevent further loss, damage or injury

  • Give all information and assistance required.

  • Documents required when submitting a claim:

    When submitting your claim ensure that you have the following documents:

    • Filling in the claim form

    • Report from the insured himself explaining the incident of the event

    • Report from the police when they are required to intervene (E.g. Fire, or Theft cases)

    • Fixing bills

    • Payment proof

    • Pictures

    Claim procedure is done:

    • Through any Tawuniya’s channels

    • Free telephone

    • Branches

    • Regional offices

    • Through UHC Global

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