Indemnification to SANAD Plus Insurance customers

In the event of an accident occurred to the insured motor vehicle used for private purposes involving indemnity under this Policy, the Company will indemnify the client for the damages resulting from traffic accidents up to SR 10,000 at maximum in the aggregate for all accidents sustained during one policy year.

to be taken upon the occurrence of an accident

  1. In the event of an accident to the insured motor vehicle, you should immediately contact Najm Company on its number: 199033 and strictly follow Najm’s directions for handling the accident, whether in the presence of Najm representative or the presence of the traffic policeman to inspect the accident.
  2. Najm or Traffic Department representative will attend to inspect the accident, prepare an official report on the accident, and determine the percentage of responsibility. You have to ensure that the accident number is obtained*.
  3. If the customer's liability is more than 0%, the value of repairing the insured vehicle should be obtained from one of the "Car Repair Cost Estimation" centers (known as Taqdeer Centers).
  4. Submit a claim via the Company's website.
  5. To submit a SANAD Plus insurance claim click here
  6. The indemnity is made according to the percentage of responsibility on the insured motor vehicle, and the customer is paid the value of the damage (according to the terms and conditions of the insurance policy concluded) by transferring the amount to the bank account.
  7. * In the event that the accident is transferred from Najm representative to the Traffic Department, you must visit the Traffic Department to which it is transferred and provide us with the final police report.

Motor Claims Conditions

Indemnity for motor accidents is made in accordance with the terms, conditions and exclusions contained in the insurance policy and after submitting all supporting documents, and any claim that is incomplete in terms and documents will not be considered.

  1. If additional documents are required, the customer shall be informed to provide them.
  2. The Motor Accident Report must be signed and sealed by the Traffic Department and/or Najm Company, and all fields must be filled with the required data. Any modification or cross out in the data renders the Motor Accident Report null and void unless it is sealed and signed by the issuing authority.
  3. Receiving the claim is not considered acceptance and admission of liability, and the Company will pay the indemnity after ensuring the integrity of the accident procedures and their compliance with the terms and conditions of the insurance policy.

Motor Claims Submission Channels

  1. The e-services via Tawuniya website. To submit a SANAD Plus insurance claim click here
  2. Tawuniya Application (for smartphones)
  3. Contact Center phone number: 8001249990


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