Medical Malpractice Insurance Program

This program has been duly approved by the Shariah Committee for rendering the insurance cover available amongst 4 options of compensation limits required pursuant to your needs. You can also obtain one insurance cover for up to 5 years with no intermittence.

Persons eligible for this program

Surgeons, obstetrics & gynecology and anesthesia specialists
Doctors of other medical categories
Nurses and technicians
Paramedics and technicians

The program covers the amount of indemnities decided by virtue of an official verdict pronounced by the competent courts or legal authorities versus the Insured who causes medical harm to the patient arising out of an error or negligence or omissions during his practicing to his profession. This indemnity reaches up to a maximum limit ranging between SR 100,000 and SR 1000,000 per one occurrence or in the annual aggregate in accordance with the policy terms and conditions.

Program cover

This includes any physical or mental injury to any patient committed by the Insured in the course of his work due to negligence, omission or error or be linked to the medical profession practiced in Saudi Arabia. The insurance cover available under this Program is for 4 options of compensation limits required.

The cover includes all defense costs incurred with the Company's consent in respect of any claim, provided that the total amount payable in respect of damages shall not exceed the payable limits of indemnity.


The policy is compatible with the laws and regulations of the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties


The policy provides protection against the financial consequences arising out from any error, omission or negligence committed in practicing the medical profession


The Insured's legal liability towards the third parties is covered for all financial amounts and legal costs pronounced against him


Proving the existence of insurance cover protects the Insured in the case he/ she has been deprived or prohibited from traveling outside the Kingdom during the course of any lawsuit versus him/ her



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