Basic Covers
Loss or Damage to the Insured. car
Liability to third parties.
Theft Coverage.
Fire Coverage.
Natural Disasters.
Emergency Medical Expenses.
Additional Extensions (Optional)
GCC Coverage. (1 SAR) Optional
Hire Car Facility. Optional
Waived Depreciation. Optional Optional
Full Value for Brand New. Optional Optional
Personal Accident Driver, Passengers. Optional Optional
Geographical Extension. Optional Optional
Benefit And Add-Value Services (Free)
Coverage of Consumer Spare Parts for The Car.
Roadside Assistance.
Periodic Vehicle Inspection.
Drive Powered by Vitality
“Ithra Prime” Program.
Car Wash.
Regular Maintenance.
“Careem” Tirhal.
Alfursan Miles.
Comprehensive Repair.
Access To The VIP Lounge At The Airports.
Replacement Rent A Car.
Comprehensive Medical Examination.