The cost of program cover or sum insured is determined on the basis of actual value of insured shop and its contents, or on the basis of new property replacement value. Whatever the basis on which the compensation is chosen, it should be enough to cover the total value of the insured shop at the time of the loss.

Program Cover


Basic Cover: Consequential Damages and Losses

The standard policy covers losses and damages exposed by the commercial shops as result of:

Fire and lighting

Some additional perils such as explosion, aircraft, impact by road vehicles, earthquakes, riots, strikes, malicious damages, windstorms, floods, burst pipes and theft

Theft following actual forcible and violent breaking into or out of the Premises

Plate Glass
The Program covers breakage of fixed plate if it is broken from any cause not excluded in the policy.
Covers loss of money (or cash) whether in Transit or at safe on the premises.
Goods in Transit
Covers loss or damage to the stock and materials in trade relating to the business whilst it is being conveyed in one of the Insured's own motor vehicles from the time the property leaves the place of loading until arrival at eh place of discharge and directly attributable to the fire, lighting, overturning of the motor vehicle, collision and theft.
Public Liability
Indemnifies shop owners for any accidental bodily injury or damage to property of third parties caused in connection with the business, but excluding liability arising out of the supply of products.
Personal Accident
Covers named employees if they sustain accidental bodily injury that results in their death or permanent disablement.
Fidelity Guarantee
Covers loss of money or other property belonging to the shop owner as the direct result of any act of fraud or dishonesty committed by any named employee.
Deterioration of Refrigerated Stock
Covers stock damaged by putrefaction whilst in the cold chamber of any refrigerating machine due to the rise of temperature resulting from the breakdown of such machine or the failure of power supplied by the relevant authority.
Workmen Compensation
Covers your liability under Workmen Compensation Law to named employees for any accidental injury or disease arising out of and in the course of their employment in your business.
Medical Malpractice Insurance (for pharmacists only)
This cover is confined to the pharmacists' liability resulting out of any error or negligence relating to the exercise of their profession in the insured premises.

Provides insurance cover to all commercial shops except some specific business activities.


Ensures the quick return of shops for transacting their business activities and thus protects the money invested.


Provides for shop owners the financial security desired in case of accidents.


Provides professional team of specialists in risk management to review the shops in order to assess the risks faced accurately and makes sound recommendations to control these risks and mitigate losses.


The program is available at reasonable prices to commensurate the actual risk covered by insurance.

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