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Our goal is to provide a variety of comprehensive services that satisfy and cover your needs as always help you with your journey from the beginning to the end of the service.



Our services

We offer you a variety of services that suit your different needs

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With the Doctor Consultation service, you will no longer need to book an appointment in the hospital.This service allows you to book a reliable online consultation appointment from accredited doctors in all health specialties via the smartphone app and website.

This service enables you to re-filling the medicines of chronic diseases that are used for long periods ranging from one to three months, such as diabetes, pressure, and other conditions. So that you can directly receive them from any of the approved pharmacy networks without the need to see your doctor.

This service enables dispensing medication from the hospitals’ pharmacy that you visit. So, you can dispense your medicines through prescription directly from the approved pharmacies and take advantage of the loyalty points.

Vaccination is essential for your child's safety and protection, which is part of our responsibility. Therefore, we provide vaccination service at home to Tawuniya members whose age between 0 – 7 years based on the basic vaccinations schedule issued by MOH and included in the Cooperative Health Insurance Unified Policy published by CCHI.

If you suffer from any chronic disease, this service allows you to get comprehensive health care that takes care of the smallest detail. From medical consultations to receiving the necessary medication, in addition to laboratory services. In some cases, the service is provided at your residence.

This service will be provided to you while you are traveling abroad the Kingdom and through our international partner “Assist America,” a medical evacuation service as well as many other services, including second medical opinion, medical repatriation, the return of mortal remains, and others.

In case you have any problem while visiting the approved medical service provider, Tawuniya will issue an eligibility letter, confirming your right to get the necessary treatment.

While you are being treated outside the approved network, you will pay directly to the medical provider. In this case, you can apply for reimbursement of your medical expenses by submitting a request via Tawuniya’s website or Tawuniya App and uploading all necessary support documents. Tawuniya will settle the claim, and the funds will be transferred to your bank account.

Providing treatment and some medical services requires prior approval from the insurance company. In some cases, the company refuses to grant approval, such as medical conditions that are not covered under the terms of the policy. Tawuniya has a dedicated team that calls back members to clarify medically rejected cases and proposes alternative solutions.

To follow up on the services provided to you and after registering on the website, Tawuniya will send SMSs to confirm your registration and track the medical approvals and claims, as well as vaccination alerts for children.

You may encounter some problems while you are in the hospital. You will not be alone. Tawuniya representatives in hospitals provide full support and resolve your complaints within the provider premises.


Our Programs

Special programs for our clients:

Pregnancy Follow-up Program

An unforgettable pregnancy journey

We will do our best to make your pregnancy journey full of memorable and beautiful memories through the pregnancy follow-up program that takes care of a pregnant mother and increases her awareness of all procedures and provide tips during all the phases of pregnancy.

“Ithra” Program

We appreciate your joining

We offer you a special and exclusive discount on health services, sports clubs, family entertainment, vehicle maintenance, delivering services and more.

Application services

Tawuniya Application Services for Smartphones

Tawuniya smartphone application helps you to complete transactions and insurance procedure securely, including:


Updating personal information.


Viewing benefits and limits of coverage.


Viewing status of insurance in the CCHI system.


 Viewing details of family member’s benefiting from medical insurance.


Applying for reimbursement of medical expenses.


Following up on approvals


Following up on reimbursement of medical costs.


Viewing locations of service providers.


Issuing eligibility letter.


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