International Travel Insurance Program

A program duly approved by the Shraiah Committee for the provision of insurance cover for travelers on international flights in respect of the risks related to travel outside Saudi Arabia, as the travelers may suffer losses due to a series of incidents such as the cancellation or curtailment of the trip, missed departure, loss of baggage, delayed baggage or its arrival in appropriate time. It also includes coverage for emergency medical expenses, personal accident, or personal public liability according to the terms, conditions and exclusions set forth in the insurance policy.

The program limits

The maximum limit of compensation paid by the company to the Insured differs in accordance with type of insurance cover provided under the Travel Insurance Policy. The company has identified the amount of compensation so that it starts from SR 920 (compensation for the delayed baggage), and up to SR 3,000,000 (compensation for emergency medical expenses). Each cover included in the Policy has a different limit of compensation.

The program covers

CoverageMaximum limit per claim in SR WorldwideWorldwide excluding USA & Canada SchengenGCC
Personal AccidentSR 100,000    
Medical Emergency ExpensesSR 3,000,000  

(Max limit per claim SR 200,000)

CancellationSR 15,000    
CurtailmentSR 15,000    
Missed DepartureSR 1,900    
Medical Inconvenience BenefitSR 1,900    
Personal PropertySR 8,000 (Subject to sub-limit)    
Delayed baggageSR 920    
Personal public liabilitySR 2,000,000    

The cover terms

Short Term Insurance: This cover is not valid for trips exceeding 6 months
Annual Insurance: This cover is for a number of different trips during the whole year. However, the maximum duration of any trip will not exceed 60 consecutive days

Cost of insurance (per adult person) in SR

CoverShort Term Cover Annual Insurance
Geographic boundariesUp to 5 days6-9 days10-17 days18-31 daysEach additional weekStandard Cover
World-wide except USA and Canada​110​150​159​23545Not applicable
Schengen countries Program55658011020375

The program provides the passenger with reassurance and peace of mind to enjoy the trip and offers comprehensive protection.


Insurance cover for young people is available at discounted prices.


It covers incidents of domestic flights if the flight is a part of an international flight covered by insurance.


Family cover is only available for persons under the age of 65 years.


Provides free coverage for children under the age of two years when they travel accompanied by an adult.


The policy meets the requirements of some foreign embassies in order to issue visas to their countries.


This insurance provides the Insured with medical assistance service round the clock while traveling around the world through UnitedHealthcare Global Assistance Services - UHC.


This program is only available to persons resident in Saudi Arabia.


This policy is only valid for trips commencing in and returning to Saudi Arabia.


This insurance is not valid for trips taken within Saudi Arabia unless these form part of an international trip outside Saudi Arabia and do not exceed 24 hours in each case.


If your money, valuables or any items of personal baggage are lost or stolen, you must notify the local police and make sure you obtain a copy of the police report complete the claim procedures.


Winter sports are only available to persons under the age of 65 years.


Basic cover is available for people aged over 65 years with double contribution.


The program cover is subject to an excess (deductible) up to SR 200 per claim.


Schengen cover under the program is only limited to personal accident and emergency medical expenses up to SR 200,000.



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International travel insurance program

does not include Covid-19 Travel insurance - for citizens. If you want to insure Covid-19 Travel insurance - for citizens