In alignment with the Saudi Vision 2030 and in pursuit of achieving it through Doyof Al Rahman national Program, the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has launched a special Comprehensive Insurance Coverage for pilgrims coming from outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This insurance product is one of the initiatives that contribute in improving the quality of the provided services to pilgrims by allocating this comprehensive insurance coverage for emergency cases to compensate the beneficiaries under these covered cases and to find the fair solutions and immediate procedures in case of the occurrence of any covered incident. Umrah insurance product includes (Medical Emergencies & General Accidents) Coverages under certain conditions. Tawuniya has been honored to provide this service to the Pilgrims of the Holy Mosque in cooperation with the participating insurance companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by launching a joint insurance pool managed by Tawuniya.

Why Umrah Insurance for foreign pilgrims?


It provides safety and peace of mind during the holy journey in the kingdom.


It provides the necessary health care.


It bears the burdens resulting from flight disruption, including accommodation and meals costs.


It bears the medical & quarantine expenses in the event of infection with the emerging Corona Virus.

The Program Features


Comprehensive Insurance: Covering Medical emergencies & General Accidents cases


90 Days : Coverage term starting from the date of entry to the Kingdom


Up to 100,000 SAR : Insurance Cover Limit per insured Pilgrim


Coverage Geographical Scope : Inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Maximum of 100,000 SAR for Emergency Medical benefit limit.


Maximum of 5,000 SAR for Emergency Pregnancy and Delivery cases.


Maximum of 500 SAR for Emergency Dental treatments.


Maximum of 100,000 SAR for Medical Evacuation inside and outside the Kingdom.


Maximum of 100,000 SAR in case of Accidental Death.


Maximum of 100,000 SAR for Accidental Permanent Disability.


Maximum of 10,000 SAR for Repatriation of Mortal Remains.


Maximum of 500 SAR per ticket for Departure Flight Delay cases.


Maximum of 5,000 SAR for Flight Cancellation cases to cover accommodation, meals and transportation costs.


Maximum of 650,000 SAR for COVID-19 Medical and hospital costs


Maximum of 450 SR per day for accommodation cost related to COVID 19 quarantine and for maximum of 14 days

How to benefit from the Program’s Services?

In case of Medical & General Accidents Claims:


The beneficiary needs to visit one of the approved medical providers or contact (Total Care Saudi Company), at any time of the day, as soon as his/her situation is expected to involve expenses that fall within the scope of Umrah Insurance cover.


For more information about the beneficiary status and to follow up with pre-approvals and claims, please register via this website :


For inquiries and emergencies, contact TCS:

From Inside KSA:


From Outside KSA:


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Product ID : A-TAWU-2-I-20-066