Visitors Insurance Program

Became in front of visitors to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have access to health care for lattes h a medical emergency or accident, when you buy insurance program to visitors from the Company for Cooperative Insurance, the best approved medical centers without incurring Any burden of the cost of this care. This program is compatible with Council of Ministers Resolution Saudi No. (180) dated 02/05/1435 AH judge to compel all applicants for a visa of entry to Saudi Arabia for the purpose of the visit or extended or for the purpose of traffic and their companions provide a valid insurance certificate in the Kingdom covering disease states of emergency medical and emergency evacuation. This program will be issued within the procedures for obtaining a visit visa, while insurance coverage is valid upon entry into force of the insured land Arabia. In exchange for insurance premium simple repaid within documents to obtain a visit visa, having Insured Outstanding health care and emergency medical situations that occur during the existence of e inside Saudi territory. The cooperative has to coordinate with a number of hospitals and the medical centers. To receive emergency cases direct restriction system without visiting any amounts to be paid within the limits of the insurance coverage of the program. In this respect it should be noted that this insurance Provision for emergencies only and cases resulting from Sir medical evacuation and incidents of infection for the visitor must pledge not to visit the allocation for the purpose of treatment and disclosure of any prior illness.

Beneficiaries of Insurance

Benefit from this insurance all applicants for visas to Saudi Arabia and their companions for the purpose of the visit or extended or for the purpose of traffic, where they must provide a valid insurance certificate in the Kingdom for visiting emergency room emergency evacuation. And with the exception of pilgrims and Umrah and holders of diplomatic and special passports and visitors of enterprises, international organizations and diplomatic treatment in accordance with the principle of reciprocity and state guests.

Visit Insurance Extension

Visit insurance policy holders in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, can extend their policy through Tawuniya online store. It should be noted that the extension of the policy follow the same policy terms as a new visit Insurance policy. Policy coverage inception shall start from the expiry of the active policy.

Program Cover

The benefits and limit of coverage under Visitors Insurance Program



The maximum benefits limit for each person for the duration of the policy and that includes lower limits specified in this policy

SR 100,000

The expenses of examination and treatment of emergency cases

Up to the policy limit

Hospitalization Expenses:
Excess percentage (contribution in payment) 

No contribution in payment


Up to the policy limit

Accommodation and daily subsistence limit for the patient which include bed wage, nursing services, visitations, medical supervision and life support services, but it does not include the cost of medicines and medical supplies, as prescribed by the physician 

(shared room and up to a limit of SR 600/day)

Accommodation limit for patient’s escort 

(shared room and up to a limit of SR 150/day)

Treatment of emergency maternity and delivery cases 

Up to SR 5000 for the duration of the policy

Cost of travel and accompanying of one direct family member

Up to SR 5000 for the duration of the policy

Emergency dental treatment Up to SR 500 for the duration of the policy
The expenses of the birth and treatment of premature babies Up to the policy limit
Treatment to injuries resulting from road traffic accidents Up to the policy limit
The expenses of emergency kidney Dialysis Up to the policy limit
Emergency Medical Evacuation inside and outside the Kingdom Up to the policy limit
Repatriation of mortal remains to the country of origin Up to SR 10,000 for the duration of the policy
Scope of coverage Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 
This policy is issued once and upon expiry a new policy shall be issued and does not need to be valid for one complete year.
All applicants for a visa to visit the kingdom-or extend it- or to transit.

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