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The program is available to Tawuniya's medical clients, including males and females, ages 18 and above

For registration click on this link and activate your membership in 4 steps:

1 - Enter your ID number, policy number, and policy Expiry date.

2 - Review your personal information, choose the member name and click activate.

3 - Enter your Mobile number, E-mail, Bank name, and IBAN then click submit.

4 - You will receive an activation code on your email, enter your activation code and click activate.

You are one step away, when you finish with registration steps, you will receive an email about Tawuniya Vitality app registration. Download the app and Join us in our journey.

How to use the program?

When you become a Tawuniya Vitality member, you will go through four steps where the programs work with you to improve your health.


Complete your assessments

We will assess your health by filling out our health questionnaire. Then, we will calculate your biological age using the Vitality calculator


Get your weekly goal

After completing the assessments, we will provide you with your weekly and monthly targets.


Stay active and earn points

Stay physically active and earn points to achieve your goal.


Earn rewards

Once you achieve your weekly goal you will receive your reward, and cash back for your smart .

* Vitality age calculator

Your Vitality Age is a measure of your health in relation to your real age.

The Vitality Age calculator uses biometrics analysis as well as health inputs through a questionnaire.

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