The journey with the Tawuniya Vitality program

Your journey with the Tawuniya Vitality program will pass through four status levels starting with the Bronze category and every time you earn points, you will move to the next level

Tawuniya Vitality Status Levels

Remember, you cannot reach a Platinum Status through physical activity alone.

It’s important to take a holistic approach to your health by also eating healthy and doing your screenings and health assessments.

Whatever Tawuniya Vitality Status you achieve this year, will continue into next year, However, your points will be reset to zero at the beginning of each year.

How to earn Vitality Points and Get Better Health Status?

Earn points by being physically active, eating well, and doing all your health check-ups. You will enjoy a wide variety of rewards every week and at every Tawuniya Vitality status. The higher your Tawuniya Vitality status is the healthier you become.

Earn Points

You can also earn more points by completing your health assessments, as shown in the below table.


500 points

Health and mental review

1600 points

Medical examination

17,000 points

Non-smoking Declaration

1000 points

Training and playing sports

Be active


Eat healthy.. Tawuniya Vitality program encourage you to eat healthy.



Food Rich with fiber

Low-fat dairy products

Whole grains and Nuts


If you've already reached the maximum number of points

You can still enjoy the rewards of Tawuniya Vitality Program ... just keep moving.

Every year, your health points in Tawuniya Vitality program will be reset to zero, then you will work on getting a better status or maintain the highest status, this will be an opportunity to start earning points again.

It's the perfect drive to maintain better health year after year.